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Chris Brown Charged With Battery Against Rihanna

In what may or may not be related news, The Insider confirms that the pop singer to perform Rihannadid not following tonights Grammys support a bruised face in what sources called a car accident d. Coincidentally, Rihannas says boyfriend Chris Brown is under investigation for alleged domestic violence and crime, battery on an alleged attack on a woman who was driving in a car with what police said call visible wounds.
11.5.09 09:53


Gaunt Jennifer Connelly Reveals Strain Of Her Fathers Death

The Beautiful Mind star looked slim and disturbing painfully killed as she and her husband Iron Man star strolled hand-in-hand. A close Balenciaga biker jacket worn with skinny jeans and biker boots not to hide his appearance fragile frame.. It been nearly six months since his father death.But Jennifer Connelly was clearly still mourning as she walked with her husband Paul Bettany yesterday on the streets of New York.
11.5.09 09:53

Michael Phelps Faces Possible Prosecution For Bong Hit

If someone breaks the law in Richland County, we have the obligation of law enforcement to investigate and bring charges, Sheriff Leon Lott said in a statement.. Authority file criminal investigation establishes whether they are secured, a spokesman said Tuesday.
11.5.09 09:53

Kate Hudson Loves Hardcore Porn

Don t be fooled by the golden locks and angelic smile - Kate Hudson is much wilder than you think! The romantic comedy veteran joked to the UK Mirror rag that loves to kick back nights on the sofa with some porno Flicks. When asked if he wishes to soft porn, Kate said: I go right into the hard stuff! Kate has been linked to the desire of Owen Wilson, Dax Shepard and Lance Armstrong delay - and fought internet voices who loved to dabble with the women this year.
11.5.09 09:53

Speed Just What Nascar Ordered

For those who say the Cup drivers need to loosen up here your guy. And for those who say this ain t your father NASCAR, here the test.. This is NASCAR new wild man, a live-life-on-the-edge guy who says what he thinks and does what he feels. But Speed has won t go unnoticed.
11.5.09 09:53

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